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On the road with the turboprop

Turboprops are ideal for shorter distances, because the super modern propeller planes are more economical than their "jet colleagues"-an argument that counts today!

DIANIUM AVIATION's fleet includes several categories of turboprops. There is the small DIAMOND DA42, a turboprop aircraft for two persons and a range of about 1200 kilometers. The perfect aircraft for business travelers who need to move within Germany or neighboring countries. The small "air cab" can cope with short landing and take-off runways and can therefore also land at small regional or sports airports.

However, DIANIUM AVIATION's turboprop fleet also offers aircraft with capacities of up to 66 passengers.

So no matter what your requirements are: DIANIUM AVIATION, your private aviation partner, always has the right aircraft. Inquire via the Book & Fly DIANIUM AVIATION App.


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