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Ihr kompetenter und spezialisierter Private Aviation Service



Your competent and specialized private aviation service

Privat Jet rent mieten

Your branding opportunities


  • Red carpet or carpet in company colors

  • Logo or individual labeling of the counters

  • Buffet at the gate 

on the plane:

  • Event or company logo on headrest cover

  • Welcome cocktail on board - even in your company colors 

  • personal on-board announcements

  • menu cards and all printed matter in the design of your choice 

on the outside of the aircraft:

  • Company or event logo as sticker on the fuselage


We are here for you 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


So you can be sure that last-minute changes and requests are quickly incorporated and spontaneous flights are possible. Contact us, we are happy to help! 

Our additional services

  • Limousine or shuttle transfer

  • Lounge access and service

  • Guidance by our Operations Support Team

  • short term aircraft charter

Individual Catering

Indulgence above the clouds

  • Fancy a treat? From your favourite snack, meal, and finger food to fresh fruit, everything is possible – including halal, kosher, vegetarian, vegan, of course.  

  • Allergies? Then let us know so that you can dine safely and enjoyably.

  • Champagne, water or whisky? We will take care of your favourite drink.


Service is not just a word for us, but a way of life. Your wishes and your requirements define our customised solution.


And because we have learned to consider everything from start to finish and beyond, accompanying services such as transfers to and from the airport, meticulously planned schedules, multilingual support and accessibility are a matter of course for us.


And thanks to excellent international networking, we are able to provide you with continuous around-the-clock support every step of the way.


Reliable – trustworthy – competent.

Work Presentation


Consulates, delegations, governments often require absolute discretion and smooth management. We have years of experience in this sensitive area worldwide and know how to handle even the smallest details. This way we make sure that our customers arrive relaxed at their destination and can head into discussions feeling refreshed.

Fly CO2-neutral


Climate protection is important to us, which is why we offer you the opportunity to make a direct, concrete contribution to it on every flight. We are supported by the company ClimatePartner in Munich, who have been supporting and initiating climate protection projects for many years and are recognised experts. ClimatePartner manages exciting projects that protect the climate as well as development projects, reforestation projects or projects that clean the oceans of plastic waste. 

Our modern life and global mobility create diverse economic and trade relations as well as valuable friendships across all continents of the world. What a win in many respects! To be able to maintain this in the long term, it is important to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the delicate balance of our climate.

Since the airline industry in particular has been criticised with regard to its carbon footprint, it is all the more important for DIANIUM AVIATION to actively engage in meaningful offsetting.

We would be happy to advise you on your flight carbon footprint and inform you about ClimatePartner projects.

Fly CO2-neutral

Partnership, professionalism and competence - that is the triad that characterises all our brands, whether B2B or B2C.

We stand for the highest standards in service, advice and customer orientation.

With their exclusive offers, services and concepts, our high-quality brand portfolios can meet all requirements, regardless of whether they are projects in the luxury and premium segment or in a corporate context.

And in everything, the focus for us is on people!

„Heart and soul, passion, trust and appreciation“

DIANIUM Yachting



is your professional partner for marketing and brokering exclusive boats, yachts and special purpose vessels in all the major destinations and ports around the world.




is the luxury brand of Dianium Inmo – Concept S.L. and has specialised in brokering and marketing high-end and exclusive luxury real estate in prime locations.

SOS Kinderdorf Partner
SOS Kinderdorf Partner

On a daily basis we deal with people, whose commonplace it is to be surrounded by premium and luxury goods. For many of our customers and partners it´s normal to live in a comfortable and elegant house or own goods that others can only dream of.

We sell those dreams, beautiful premium and luxury real-estates at the most beautiful and exclusive places around the globe. Wealth, luxury and prosperity are a part of our business world.


But there is another part in this world, which consists of poverty and loneliness. We believe in a collective responsibility and equality. The stronger ones will help the less fortunate of society.To rebuilt this equality among the smallest of our society, is a duty that we fulfill with passion and sustainability. Therefore we support SOS-Kinderdorf in Deutschland.


The world can become a little better, if we act responsible in our society and pass on our help to those that are defenseless against their circumstances - our children! If you want to help to bring the world of our children a little bit back in order, then feel free to inform yourself about the manifold possibilities of supporting the SOS Kinderdorf e.V.

All informations you´ll find at We are in!

SOS Kinderdorf
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