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Indonesia has a rich cultural diversity, and there are a variety of traditional dances that reflect the cultural traditions of the different ethnic groups and regions of the country. Here are some of the most popular traditional dances in Indonesia:  

Legong: The Legong dance originated in Bali and is often performed by young female dancers. It is an elegant dance that involves complex finger movements, eye movements and postures. The dance often tells stories from Hindu epics.   


Barong: Barong is a traditional dance from Bali that represents the eternal conflict between good and evil. The Barong, a mystical animal, represents good, while Rangda embodies evil.  

Pendet: Pendet is a ceremonial dance that is often performed during religious ceremonies in Bali. Dancers carry offerings on their hands and move in graceful formations.  

Saman: Saman is a dance from the province of Aceh on the island of Sumatra. This dance is performed by a group of male dancers who create complex rhythmic patterns with their hands, upper body and feet.                                                  


Reog Ponorogo: Reog Ponorogo is a dance from the Ponorogo region in East Java. It involves elaborate masks, colourful costumes and complex choreography. The dance often tells stories about the mythological battle between the king of Ponorogo and the mighty Reog. 


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