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Golden Islands | Port-Cros

Port-Cros, the namesake of the national park, like Porquerolles, has always been a center of attraction and has inspired people with its beauty. Literary figures such as André Gide, Rabelais or Paul Valéry came here and found relaxation and nourishment for new ideas in the unspoiled nature.

Today, Port-Cros is above all an exclusive natural paradise that promises surprising hiking opportunities. In largely untouched, almost exuberant nature, hiking trails lead to the most beautiful places and beaches. An extraordinarily rich flora and fauna with hundreds of species, some of them endemic, make the hikes an experience without equal. And as on land, so under water: unique is also the world that can be discovered with diving goggles and snorkel on the underwater nature trail.

Île du Levant – Naked simplicity

In the very east of the small archipelago, Île du Levant is the center of the French naturist movement. Gaston and André Durville, who founded the first French naturist center „Hélipolis“ on Île du Levant in 1931, wanted to realize their vision of living in harmony with nature and being naked as a sign of simplicity here. Their vision and philosophy endured, so that to this day on the Île du Levant being naked is a matter of course and only on the village square or the harbor of the island is asked to be covered.

The Îles d‘Hyères: three islands – three interpretations of nature, art and simplicity. You can hardly be more richly endowed on the Côte d‘Azur!

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