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Aircraft with sun deck: Lufthansa presents Explorer

A flying accommodation for the super-rich? Lufthansa Technik AG has designed such an aircraft. With a sun deck, wellness rooms and spectacular light projections, they should be able to spend the night at the airport.

The market for luxury yachts and exclusive houseboats for holidays is booming - Lufthansa Technik AG now wants to follow this up with luxurious aircraft complete with sundeck, which are both a means of transport and accommodation.

The plan: The planes are to take their owners almost anywhere at any time and serve as an individual hotel for them at their destination, from where they can set out on a wide variety of leisure activities and excursions.

As a platform for the so-called explorer design concept, the designers are relying on the Airbus A330 or the Airbus A330 Freighter, because as classic wide-body aircraft they offer enough space for numerous ideas.

For example, in the parking position, a floor could extend from the front fuselage area to form a veranda. Like a sun deck on a yacht, passengers would then have a unique view of the surroundings - and at a height of about four metres of the tarmac as well as the airport.

Large integrated projection surfaces are to provide an individual atmosphere on board in the multifunctional lounge area. Small, lightweight projectors in the wall and ceiling elements can project virtual content from the window line across almost the entire cabin ceiling. An animated underwater world, for example, would be possible.

Away from the technical features, there are also some new design ideas in addition to classic room elements such as bedrooms and guest rooms, bathrooms, offices, dining and conference areas. One such highlight is the multifunctional room in the rear of the aircraft. This can be used as a fitness and wellness facility on long-haul flights and converted into a flying sickroom in case of emergencies.

A total of up to twelve VIP passengers are to be accommodated in an Explorer. Alternatively, other variants with up to 47 passengers are also possible on the basis of this concept, Lufthansa Technik AG said in a statement. The modules could be individually designed in the interior. If desired, larger bedrooms, bathrooms or areas for the crew would be possible.

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