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Exclusive travel? Exclusive service!

Private jet airports offer an exclusive and efficient alternative to commercial 

airports that are specifically tailored to the needs of private jet travellers. These airports, often referred to as Fixed Base Operators (FBOs), offer a variety of amenities and services that maximise travel comfort and privacy. 

A significant benefit of private jet airports is the time savings. With less traffic and processes specifically designed for fast turnaround, passengers can often board and disembark within minutes. Security and customs checks are designed more 

efficiently to minimise waiting times while still maintaining the highest security


The amenities at private jet airports are first class. Luxurious lounges with 

comfortable seating, high-quality food and beverages, private conference rooms and fast Wi-Fi are available. Some FBOs even offer spa services such as massages and beauty 

treatments to help travellers relax before or after their flight. 

Another advantage is the personalised service. From baggage handling to individual transport to the aircraft - the services are tailored to the special wishes and needs of customers. The concierge service can also help with the organisation of 

transfers, hotel bookings and other travel activities. 

Private jet airports are strategically located, often closer to city centres 

or major business centres than large commercial airports. This allows for faster transfers 

and a more comfortable arrival and departure. In addition, these airports are less 

crowded and therefore offer a quieter and more exclusive environment. 

Overall, private jet airports offer a customised, luxurious and efficient travel option 

for those who value time, comfort and privacy. They combine state-of-the-art 

facilities with first-class service to create a unique travelling experience that 

goes far beyond what is possible at commercial airports. 


Your next business appointment or private trip: You can travel safely, quickly and discreetly by private jet.  

DIANIUM AVIATION is your partner for private air travel. Charter your flight today and contact us at 


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