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Beauty and shade | Ideal landscape

Light and shadow are mutually dependent, are two sides of the same coin and symbolize the dual world, which cannot exist without this duality.

The good is in the bad and vice versa, the beautiful in the ugly, the ugly in the beautiful, male and female, hot and cold, the series of opposites could be continued. It is the eternal yin and yang that determines our being and belongs to the universal laws. And so, it depends on the point of view from which one looks, feels, thinks, loves and directs the attention. Everybody knows the phenomenon: the ugly becomes beautiful if you only pay attention to it, and the beautiful loses its shine the moment the attention is withdrawn.

Light and shadow are not only part of the duality, but are able to set accents, to illuminate and to darken. Between these two poles are the shades of gray, the intermediate tones that connect what seems separate. They emphasize the contrasts, allow harmonies to emerge, and bring into „conversation“ with each other what appears polarized. They create attention, tension and insight.


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