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Antonov An-2: The legend of the "Kukuruznik" in aviation history

The Antonov An-2, also known as the "Kukuruznik", is a Soviet multi-role aircraft with a fascinating history. Its first flight was in 1947, and since then it has established itself as one of the most versatile and durable aircraft of its time. With distinctive biplane wings and a robust design, the An-2 was capable of operating in even the most remote regions of the world.

The An-2 was used in different variants to transport passengers, cargo, parachutists and even as an agricultural working aircraft. Its unique ability to operate on short and unpaved runways made it ideal for use in remote areas and during humanitarian missions.

Despite its more than 70-year history, the An-2 is still in service in some parts of the world and is prized by aviation enthusiasts. Its distinctive appearance and versatility make it a true vintage aircraft and a remarkable milestone in the history of aviation.

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