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Côte d’Azur | Grandiose nature and rock stories

Hardly any other region in Europe can offer such contrasts as the region around the Côte d‘Azur and Provence.

Steel-blue Sea with dreamlike beaches and rugged coastline on one side, flat plains, gentle hills, deep valleys and alpine landscapes in the hinterland. This results in a unique field of tension that still today determines the people, their lives, economies, work and their being. To discover this, to immerse oneself in an extraordinary nature, is a privilege best enjoyed on foot. And so, there are countless paths and hiking destinations where you can get closer to nature and yourself again.

Outstanding is the Gorges du Verdon, also known as the Grand Canyon of the Verdon. Here, in one of the deepest gorges in Europe, both beginners and professional hikers will find the appropriate level of difficulty on a wide variety of routes. One of the most impressive trails is the Sentier Blanc-Martel, which runs from the Chalet de la Maline to the Couloir Samson. Over steppes, through tunnels, passing breathtaking view- points, the route is sometimes demanding, but still manageable. You will be rewarded with rock sceneries that are uniquely beautiful and resemble a book in which you can study the history of the Verdon.

No less fascinating is the , which runs along the border with Italy. The Mercantour is inhabited only in parts, large areas are untouched by man, which makes it special. Absolute silence, only the sounds of nature – an experience that can hardly be more impressive. As rarely in any other place in Europe, nature can develop here and offer new refuges to animals and plants that have become rare in the meantime. And it allows a glimpse into the artistic early days of mankind: In the „Valley of Wonders“ and the „Valley of the White Spring“ countless prehistoric rock drawings bear wit- ness to how Stone Age people once saw their world and processed it artistically.

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